Toyota Unveils All-new Fortuner

Driving a hybrid just got more exhilarating with the all-new fourth generation model marking the Prius&rsquo; maiden entry in the Middle East.<br /><br />Striking new design, superb driving performance and fuel economy in addition to advanced safety technologies define the Prius<br /><br />Ending the wait for customers in the Middle East, Toyota today launched the Prius across the region to reveal the fourth generation of its global hybrid icon. The Prius is by far the world&rsquo;s most successful hybrid car and one that is winning hearts with its exceptional environmental performance, a stunning new design and a spirit that makes it even more fun to drive.&nbsp;<br />

May 09, 2016

Compelling design will appeal to customers with its tough and forceful appearance combined with fluid lines Fortuner showcases its excellent utility with ample cabin space and convenience features for a superb driving experience Outstanding driving performance comes courtesy of a powerful engine and superior driving dynamics Full suite of advanced safety technologies ensures highest levels of protection 

Beirut, Lebanon - May 6, 2016 Toyota today announced the launch of the 2017 Fortuner in the Middle East to unveil a second generation model which builds on its heritage of being a durable sport utility vehicle (SUV) with impressive off-road capabilities. With the new Fortuner, Toyota has focused on creating a more distinctive, sleek and powerful design while improving performance and adding a wide variety of features to increase convenience, safety and ride comfort. 

Sharing Toyota's development philosophy for the vehicle, the Fortuner’s Executive Chief Engineer, Hiroki Nakajima, explained: “Our development concept was to build a true SUV that has style and confidence. The all-new Fortuner is the outcome of our continuous efforts to redefine toughness while offering our customers powerful vehicles with drastically improved off-road capabilities. To ensure peace of mind for our customers, we developed a new stronger frame which enables the vehicle to withstand rough road conditions, in addition to an improved four-link suspension system for a more comfortable drive. The new engine offers high torque at lower RPMs. Furthermore, the design concept is rough but cool, with three bold, iconic lines. On top of all of this, the all-new Fortuner offers premium utility and safety features.”

According to Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, “The all-new Fortuner is a completely redesigned SUVthat enhances driving confidence on every level while setting a new standard for SUVs all around the world. It debuts a compelling design with a strong identity, expressing refinement and innovation as well as being functional and tough. It also epitomises Toyota's focus on developing vehicles with impressive quality, durability, reliability and off-road ability.The result of this is a comprehensive revamp, creating a unique SUV that’s every bit as comfortable on the school run as it is on the region’s toughest off-road trails.We sincerely appreciate the support of all our customers and we look forward to delighting them with this latest model.”

Compelling Design

Toyota has created a new “Solid Fluidity” design language for the Fortuner which expresses toughness and wideness through the high body axis, the bulging wheel arch flares as well as the chunky trapezoidal front bumper.

The large, slanted upper grille is framed by thick chrome plating that extends around the sleek, aggressive headlamps, while the prominent trapezoidal front bumper creates a sense of depth. Sophistication and refinement on the other hand is reflected in the detailing – slender headlight clusters that are fused with the front fenders, the three lines that score the sculpted roof line and flanks, as well as the sleek rear combination lamps and license plate garnish that blend with the complex surfaces of the rear body.

The Fortuner has a tough yet smart rear design that defies the typical unrefined image of an SUV. The rounded upper body is highlighted by chrome-plated moulding that wraps around from the sides to the back glass and is in contrast to the shape of the rear bumper, which has protruding corners. The sleek, thin rear combination lamps and license plate garnish blend gracefully with the rear body.

There are 8 exterior colours: Phantom Brown ME, Nebula Blue ME, Super White 2, White Pearl CS, Silver ME, Attitude Black MC, Gray ME and Avant-Garde Bronze ME. Phantom Brown has been newly developed to offer appeal to the new Fortuner, with highlights that glimmer in the light. Luxury is expressed in two shades of brown. One offers richness and depth, while the other glimmers with high material quality regardless of being in the city or off-road.

Excellent Utility

The Fortuner’s ample cabin space is complemented by superb convenience features, culminating in a sublime driving experience. The interior exhibits the toughness of an SUV, tempered with the elegance of a premium sedan. A focal point of the dashboard architecture is the vertical centre cluster flanked by columns of soft simulated leather upholstery that offer leg support from both sides. In fact, soft-touch textures and exquisite chrome detailing liberally pepper the cabin; all beautifully harmonising with the clear blue interior illumination.

The interior has stylish white ambient lighting which is easy on the eyes and is used throughout the interior of the vehicle, creating a warm atmosphere that passengers enjoy. The air conditioner not only maintains a comfortable cabin temperature, but it can also be used to warm or chill drinks. It has a high-efficiency compressor which decreases engine load and enhances cooling performance, contributing to excellent fuel economy performance.

Other innovative touches (model dependent) include a 7-inch tablet-inspired multimedia touchscreen display that allows easy operation of both the audio systems, a Smart Entry & Start system, an electronic 4WD switch and second-row seats with one-touch operation for ease of folding. The third row seats are equipped with a fixed hook attachment for simple and convenient stowage. There are no fewer than 15 storage areas in the new Fortuner.

In terms of seats, two sophisticated colours, Brown and Chamois,further enhance the sense of material quality available for the luxurious genuine leather seats. The front seats are given a sporty seat shape that flares out at the shoulders on both sides. A comfortable length for the front seat cushions has been ensured, while the cushioning has been optimised to enhance support. The cushion shape for the second-row seat has been optimised to provide better support, enhancing ride comfort. The folding process for the second-row seat (as passengers enter or exit the third-row seats) has been simplified. 

With a full-colour display, the Rear View Monitor System ensures peace of mind when reverse parking. Drag and flick (similar to that of smartphones and tablet devices) operation is also supported.The Auxiliary (AUX) and Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports have been equipped near the console tray, where small items can be stored. Smartphones and portable media devices can be used freely.The Fortuner also has a 6 speaker specialised audio equalizer to achieve low-distortion playback at low range and a clear playback at middle to high range.

The Fortuner has a 4.2-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) type Multi-information Display which is flanked by strips of blue ambient light on each side. It is located on the dashboard in between the speedometer and the RPM gauge. It shows driving information, Eco Drive Indicator (Eco Judge/Eco Wallet), idling-stop time and also has an audio operation function. An entertainment display function is also provided. 

The vehicle is also equipped with a power back door system that can be opened and closed electronically with a switch. With the memory function, users have the option of storing an automatic stop position for each time the back door opens. 

Outstanding Driving Performance

The Fortuner is available with a wide range of petrol engine options to choose from. The available petrol engines include a 2.7-litre four-cylinder engine which produces 164hp and 25.0 Kg-m of torque and the 4.0-litre V6 engine, which churns out 278hp and 38.3 Kg-m of torque. 

The Fortuner has a 6-speed automatic transmission which maximises engine potential and multi-stage gears optimised to improve drive force in the low-speed range. Optimised gear ratios have been set to provide an acceleration feel with powerful torque. 

The Fortuner has a newly developed frame structure with rigidity increased to the limit, delivering exceptional toughness in the harshest environments while preventing torsion and distortion to provide a stable driving experience. More spot welding points have been used and body rigidity has been increased, thereby improving steering response. As a result, the feeling of steering input and rear end grip are enhanced.

On the ride and handling front, an all-new frame has been bolstered by strengthened cross members, side rails and suspension towers, enhancing the torsional and bending rigidity of the frame. This not only improves durability, but also enhances quality and safety. 

The Fortuner’s suspension comfortably absorbs the vibration to provide a ride that you would expect from a luxury SUV. The suspension uses a double wishbone (front) and a four-link suspension (rear) combination that has been redesigned for optimised comfort. An additional rear stabiliser has been installed to aid on-the-road smoothness and stability.

There is a Drive Mode Switch which offers a choice of ECO or POWER driving, while an easy-to-use 4WD Switch is also equipped. The Drive Mode Switch allows the driver to select a preferred drive mode – Eco for optimum economy or Power for enhanced acceleration. The Eco Mode reduces power consumption in relation to acceleration and cooling in consideration of the environment. Fuel economy is further improved. The Power Mode provides sharper acceleration response, ensuring a more agile drive. A dial type 4WD switch is equipped with a sleek design and is easier to operate compared to the previous lever type switch.

The steering wheel has a Tilt & Telescopic steering column and features a bold shape, a substantial pad and thick chrome ornamentation which combine in harmony with the instrument panel. A paddle shift allows gear changes without releasing the wheel for a sporty drive.

The Fortuner is fitted with newly developed 17-inch all-terrain tires, which boast high running performance both on and off-road. Newly developed 18-inch highway-terrain tyres have also been designed for the road. The new tread pattern takes into consideration noise reduction on paved roads and fuel economy performance, in addition to contributing to stable driving.

Advanced Safety Technology

The Fortuner is equipped with comprehensive safety systems to protect its occupants. These include Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). In addition to ABS, which prevents the tyres from locking during braking, EBD is equipped to perform measured brake force distribution between the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle condition. As a result, the force required to operate the brake pedal is reduced, ensuring strong braking performance.

The Fortuner comes with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) for the front seats along with a knee airbag for the driver.In terms of seatbelts, a three-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelt is equipped on all seats. When impact is suddenly applied during a collision, the seatbelt locks to restrain the passenger. A pretensioner and force limiter function are also provided for the front seat belts. When a strong impact is received, the seat belt instantly retracts to prevent load exceeding a specified amount from being applied to the seat belt, reducing impact to the chest of the passenger during a collision. A top tether anchor compatible with the Child Restraint System (CRS) is present for the second-row seat