Dynamism, Power and Agility Make the Dyna Easier to Drive

Designed to set new standards, the Dyna lineup combines the rugged strength required for high performance and in every business situation with new, higher levels of comfort and environment-friendless. Safety is always one of the top priorities. Engineered by Toyota, experience the Toyota Dyna family today.


Toyota Dyna Family:
Dyna 200 
- 4,009 cc, in-line 4 cylinders  / 100HP@3,200RPM 
- Torque: 252 NM @ 2,000 RPM  / Fuel Tank Capacity = 80 liters

Dyna 250 
- 4,009 cc, in-line 4 cylinders  / 100HP@3,200RPM 
- Torque: 252 NM @ 2,000 RPM  / Fuel Tank Capacity = 100 liters 

Dyna 400 
- 4,009 cc Turbo, in-line 4 cylinders /  120 HP @ 2,500 RPM 
- Torque: 353 NM @ 1,800 RPM  /  Fuel Tank Capacity = 100 liters

Dyna 400 Super Long 
- 4,009 cc Turbo, in-line 4 cylinders  / 120 HP @ 2,500 RPM
- Torque: 353 NM @ 1,800 RPM  / Fuel Tank Capacity = 100 liters



Tough, rugged, dependable and built to handle heavy loads and multiple configurations with ease

The larger glass area in the front and side windows contributes to easier driving by expanding the driver’s filed of vision. The use of wide-view mirrors improves the view to the rear and around the cab.

The tilt cab (standard for all Dyna models) provides easy access to the engine, which also translates to easier maintenance.

Dyna’s rugged frame is made of steel plate of 6mm thick, for unrivalled durability. This exceptional strength makes even heavy loads an easy haul, and optimal heavy-duty combinations are a cinch. In addition, plenty of room between the back of the cab and rear axle makes DYNA ideal for a wide range of cargo.



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Cabin Space
Increased leg and headroom are assured by making the front pillar more upright.

Quiet Cabin
To keep the cabin interior quiet, all floor panels are covered with so8nds-insulating asphalt sheets. Plush surfaces throughout the cabin exterior help to minimize wind noise.

Interior Cabin
The interior cabin of the Dyna is equipped with many features including, power steering wheel and column, power windows, optional air conditioning central lock, radio AM/FM, ample storage including glove compartment, reverse safety buzzer amongst others.


The Dyna’s excellent safety and more enjoyable driving enhances business efficiency
The Dyna lineup incorporates many safety technologies to help minimize cabin deformation and support driver safety in the unlikely event of a collision. The cabin floor is reinforced with extra hard and rigid steel, and side impact beams further support the strength of the Dyna’s rugged body.


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