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Chairman Message

Dr. Fred G. Boustany

President & CEO

Chairman Message

In retrospect, as we look back to the history of our mother company, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and its partnership with the Boustany dynasty – the humble beginnings of both corporations trace back to two families, the Toyoda and Boustany families. 

In 1918 – the founding father, Sakichi Toyoda humbly created Toyota Motor Corporation with a present-day determination for creating ever-better – he manufactured the first power loom. His principles (which later became the Toyota Production System) inspired his son, Kiichiro Toyoda who then began laying the foundations of Toyota Motor Corporation, one devoted entirely to the production of automobiles. 

In a similar fashion, in 1924 - George R. Boustany introduced vehicles to the Middle East through a holding representing several mobility brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Simca, and Valiant. The sons of George Boustany eventually focused their operations to supporting, TMC and its brand, Toyota. Although at the time it was a leap of faith, it soon became a forged relationship and legacy with TMC for generations.  
Today, Boustany United Machineries Company s.a.l. (BUMC) are proud to represent TMC, especially during this exciting and challenging once-in-a-century industry transformation. TMC has revolutionized the era of mobility with technologies such as the first Hydrogen-cell fuel vehicle, electrification, connectivity and hybrid synergy drive (available in several models in BUMC’s Toyota and Lexus range). Today, President & CEO – Mr. Akio Toyoda has begun paving a new way situating TMC as a mobility company – one that is dedicated to bringing the joy and freedom of movement to people. As a company whose roots are in making cars, Toyota will therefore remain committed to ensuring that the mobility it offers will inspire love.
Moreover, BUMC is proud to be the hand actualizing TMC’s dream in Lebanon and in the Middle East through its tireless pursuit of excellence in both customer and employee satisfaction. 
 BUMC remains committed to the following principles:
(1) Competitive pricing & Value-Driven Offerings, where your safety is never compromised for false-led savings 
(2) Dynamic designs
(3) High Resale Value
(4) Ensuring all After-Sales operations and services are safe while enhancing the driving pleasure of your vehicle
(5) Adhering to TMC’s distinguished warranty and standards

Moving into 2022 – BUMC s.a.l. and its shareholders are committed to moving forward. We are following TMC’s admirable determination to tackle global environmental issues with the introduction of our extensive hybrid lineup in Toyota and Lexus. This year we will also expedite our actions related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At a Lebanon-level, BUMC s.a.l, is following this lead by contributing to society through its social practices, such as supporting our employees’ workplace happiness and overall health and helping society through various volunteering and endowment efforts. It is our role and responsibility to support actions that care for our society and planet – from Lebanon and beyond. 
 More than ever, BUMC needs to create mobility for the future society and accordingly – look beyond the existing automotive framework to improve Lebanon as a whole. We look forward to many more years of serving our mother company and ensuring road safety by caring for our drivers one at a time.
 Once again, thank you for all your support, and entrusting us with your family’s safety.

Dr. Fred G. Boustany
President & CEO