The Coaster delivers passengers to their destination in comfort and with peace of mind, even in harsh operating environments.

With the toughness to operate as a working vehicle for extended periods without a break, even on unpaved roads, an open interior with excellent access and extensive safety features in case of the unforeseen, the Coaster will let passengers enjoy a comfortable and reassuring ride to their destination.


Toyota has engineered the Coaster to ensure optimal safety and minimize passenger fatigue with a comfortable ride all using the top technology.

Stabilizers on both the front and rear deliver a comfortable and stable ride, even during large turns. In addition, the damping force of the shock absorbers was optimized. The stable vehicle stance while cornering contributes to excellent passenger comfort.

The UV-reducing green glass reduces ultraviolet rays, helping to protect the skin even when exposed to strong sunlight.

Simplify maintenance to facilitate long-term use with the Coasters engine (not pictured) and battery hatch (shown here).

Interior Features

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Overhead lighting and tall ceilings allow added comfort with ample luggage storage.

Coaster Layout for 30 Passengers

Durable and easy-to-clean fabric and floor material

Roomy seats with ample space

Air conditioning made for a spacious interior (optional)

UV-reducing green glass

Function switches on the instrument panel are grouped within easy reach. Intuitive operation frees the driver from looking away from the road.

A deep and large doorstep enhances easy access so a wide range of passengers, from children to the elderly, can easily and securely get in and out.

Enhanced noise insulation enables passengers to enjoy talking during their trip. The extensive use of noise-absorbing and noise-insulating materials, including the floor panel covering the transmission, dramatically reduces noise reaching the interior from the engine compartment and outside the vehicle, creating a pleasant environment in which passengers can hear one another clearly.

Providing occupants with a high-strength cabin: Rigid body that complies with rollover regulations and Circular frame/High-tensile steel sheeting

High Mount Stop Lamp

Wide Open Luggage-type door


2 Years or 100,000 kilometer warranty, whichever comes first.
Conditions and terms apply. 


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* The SRS airbags are supplemental devices to be used with the seatbelts. The driver and all passengers in the vehicle must wear their seatbelts properly at all times. Never install a rear-facing CRS (Child Restraint System) on the front passenger’s seat. For a forward-facing CRS, it is recommended you use it in the rear seats. Please do not use accessories for the seats which cover the parts where the SRS side airbags should inflate. Such accessories may prevent the SRS side airbags from activating correctly, causing serious injury. The photo shows all the SRS airbags activated for display purposes only (the SRS side and curtain shield airbags only inflate on the side of the collision in an actual accident). For details on these and other important safety features, be sure to read the Owner’s Manual carefully.
** People and obstacles that show in the monitor differ from the actual position and distance. Do not rely completely on the monitor and make sure you check the safety around the vehicle with your own eyes when driving.


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