Toyota Launches all-new RAV4 in the Middle East

Aug 01, 2019

Delivering on its promise tointroduce trendsettingvehicles that meet and exceed customer expectations, Toyota has unveiled the stylish, all-new2019 ToyotaRAV4 in the Middle East. Bringing a new era of improved performance, capability,and safety, the fifth generation RAV4, the compact SUV trend-setter, is poised to, once again, change the game. 

The all-new RAV4 is, in essence, disrupting the segment it created. It is bringing more sport and more utility back while further enhancing the agile handling, everyday comfort and exemplary fuel efficiency that establishedthe RAV4 as a firm favorite among motoring enthusiasts in the region. The all-new vehicle is designed to tackle urban, suburban, and great outdoor adventures with equal finesse. The look is tougher, and there’s greater capability with a new all-wheel-drive system, yet the ride is smoother and quieter, with new comfort touches inside.

Amajor addition to the all-newRAV4 is the hybrid electric model, which combines two power sources consisting of a petrol engine and two electric motors. The class-leading model, which offers the lowest fuel consumption value of 22.2km/L, enables customers to contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying increased driving satisfaction and engagement provided by its advanced technologies and cabin quietness, as well as its acceleration smoothness, especially when accelerating from a stand-still.

Yoshikazu Saeki,Chief Engineer for the Toyota RAV4,said: “The RAV4 has held a strong market presence since its introduction 25 years ago. It has gained a loyal following the world over, continually evolving to respond to changing customer needs. For the new RAV4, we set out to create a product that appeals to the next generation of customers.At the very beginning of the design process for the all-new vehicle, we thought about how best to evolve the original idea, building on the two over-arching views of the RAV4 – ‘driving performance suited to any road’ and a ‘user-friendly interior suited to any situation.’This led us to the new concept of Adventure and Refinement.We have also improved the RAV4’s performance to meet the demands of any road. Whereas a conventional SUV suspension makes for an uncomfortable, unresponsive ride in off-road conditions, the RAV4 provides sedan-like comfort and an enjoyable ride.”

Yugo Miyamoto, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative ‎Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, said: “We are excited to launch the all-new RAV4 in the region, setting a new benchmark in the compact SUV segment and presenting our customers with a vehicle that has evolved over five generations, to offer them an unparalleled ownership experience.”

Miyamoto added: “Owing to its stylish design, ride comfort, dynamic performance and superior value, the all-newRAV4 will make a deep connection with the region’s motoring enthusiasts whose needs and aspirations evolve constantly. We would like to extend our gratitude to our valued customers for their continued support and inspiration, which motivate us to develop ‘ever-better’ cars that exceed their expectations.”

Enabling the all-newRAV4 to express its distinct personality and brawnier stance is its robust design.The exterior lines and detailing in the cabin are influenced by regular, polygonal shapes, communicating strength and coherence. Following the guiding themes of Adventure and Refined, designers created an athletic, chiseled appearanceespecially in the front-end and grille design.Stunning LED headlamps, which are available with the automatic leveling function, and unique signature LED daytime running lamps produce a more premium light source while also contributing to the vehicle’s bold look. 

Owing to its polygonal motifs, the wheel arches appear to hold the tires from a high position, emphasizing the lifted-up body and drawing attention to the vehicle’s capability.Meanwhile, the side mirrors are positioned lower on the doors for increased forward visibility around the A-pillar. Side visibility is increased thanks to a lowered beltline and the redesigned and enlarged rear-quarter glass. Form and function combine in taillights and exterior door handles, which have been shaped to contribute to aerodynamic stability.

The RAV4’s distinct personality is completed by its expansive and comfortable cabin, whichdisplays exceptional quality and finish throughout. The Refined theme guided interior design and the word “premium” will come to mind, as well. The instrument panel’s horizontal layout has a slimmer profile and a lower position than before to enhance forward visibility. Solid material used for the upper and lower parts of the instrument panel and door trim grip conveys strength and durability. Soft padding has been added to areas that passengers frequently touch, while stitching that enhances the continuity from the door trim to the instrument panel adds a sense of quality. The center console is wider and more versatile than before,and the console storage has been expanded. Furthermore, front and rear seats are more supportive, and with the improvement in seat cushioning, they are more comfortable in the all-new vehicle.

With an exciting interior featuring a distinctive design, and offering convenience and comfort, the bold new car’s cabin is accentuated with a range of advanced features, including dual-zone automatic air conditioning system, 7-inch color multi-information display (MID) in the cluster gauge,7-inch multimedia infotainment display, ambient illumination, six-speaker sound system, and 60:40 split-folding rear seats.

Complementing the all-new RAV4’s daring looks is a thrilling drive personality imbued by two powertrain options.A new 2.5-liter four-cylinderDynamic Force engine with D-4S fuel injection system, which produces 204 hp and 243 nm of torque, ‎is mated to a new eight-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission (8AT), resulting in a quicker and smoother acceleration.On the other hand, a new electrified hybrid system combines two power sources consisting of a petrol engine and two electric motorsproducing 176 hp and 118 hp, respectively,with a combined power of 218 hp, and delivering 221 nm and 121 nm of torque, respectively. It is also mated to a Direct Shift Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that provides the lowest fuel consumption value of 22.2km/L while delivering a new level of driving pleasure.

The all-new RAV4 hybrid electric model can be driven entirely on electrical ‎power with zero-fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions, or by combining the power generated from both the petrol ‎engine and two electric motors, depending on the vehicle’s speed and customer’s driving behavior. ‎Its hybrid electric batteries are continuously charged by either the petrol ‎engine or when decelerating and braking, eliminating the need to plug in a power cord. Furthermore, the hybrid electric model features a host of advanced technologies, yet drives like any other conventional vehicle and ‎does not require special fuel. 

The launch of the all-new RAV4 hybrid electric model comes in line with Toyota’s continuing commitment to playing a leading role in constantly innovating and developing technologies that protect the environment, which is also a strategic imperative that forms the cornerstone of the company’s business. Electrification of vehicles has been an indispensable focus for Toyota since 1997 and the company has launched a variety of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) in the past two decades, leading to a steady rise in the adoption of its environment-friendly vehicles and pushing its cumulative sales of electrified vehicles to over 12 million. This enormous sales record represents a reduction of more than 94 million tons of CO2 compared to the sales of equivalent conventional vehicles and underscores the tremendous support received from customers.

As with any other Toyota model, safety remains a top priority for the all-new RAV4 that comes with an advancedsafety systemfeaturing a comprehensive array of safety features to protect its occupants, such as 7 SRS airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC).

Available in nine distinctive exterior colors, the all-new RAV4provides customers the opportunity to express their individuality. Four new colors, Cyan ME, Dark Blue MC, Attitude Black MC,and the newly-developed Urban Khaki, further expresssophistication and strength. On the other hand, the interior is available in a total of threecolors, such asLight Gray, Beige and Black. Drawing inspiration from the polygonal motif, the all-new RAV4 has been rearmed with new 18-inch alloy wheels, created with a strong shape anda sense of precision, emphasizing the modeling theme present throughout the vehicle.