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Lexus and the city event 29/02/2016
BUMC s.a.l., the exclusive distributor of Lexus in Lebanon, held a launch themed “Lexus and the City” at the Lexus boutique in Hamzieh to celebrate the arrival of three all-new Lexus Sport Utility Vehicles in Lebanon:

Lexus LX 570 (5.7L V8 Engine - 381 HP - 4-Wheel Drive): A premium, full-capability three-row SUV designed to take luxury to places it has never been before, the new LX packs in the comfort, luxury and infotainment technology expected from a Lexus flagship model.

Lexus RX 350 (3.5L - V6 Engine - 300 HP - All Wheel Drive): The perennial best-selling luxury crossover with a completely redesigned body boasting the aggressiveness of Lexus with sharp lines and contemporary styling.

Lexus NX200T (2.0L - In-Line 4 Turbo - 235 HP - All-Wheel Drive): The brand’s first compact crossover segment - inspired by performance vehicles, the turbocharged NX combines the expertise of racers within the engineering team and the impeccable touch of Lexus luxury through an exciting and sporty design to set a new benchmark in the automotive world.

With the completion of the SUV lineup - Lexus is now poised to challenge the automotive luxury segment thereby signaling the beginning of a new era and a new paradigm of perfection. During the “Lexus and the City” evening - Dr. Fred G. Boustany, President & CEO, indicated how twenty-six years ago – Lexus was born out of conviction to build the best luxury vehicle at a price that represents a good value. Since its debut, Lexus has improved its best in class models, capturing the hearts of drivers worldwide as well as headlines and accolades from prestigious associations. Today - the completion of the Lexus lineup fit for city-life was celebrated by car-enthusiasts during the event surrounded by Japanese touches presented through the Lexus-inspired cocktails, cuisine, origami artist and general ambiance.

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