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BUMC Recognizes Top Employees During FY2018 18/12/2018
Each year the exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Lebanon, BUMC s.a.l. recognizes staff members who make exceptional contributions to customer satisfaction, team-building and corporate dedication to road safety. BUMC acknowledges that staff members play an integral role in achieving its goals and image as the pioneer automotive distributor in Lebanon. Therefore, the selection process of employees in each department is not a decision taken lightly. All members of the BUMC family are encouraged to nominate staff and colleagues who are deserving of this special acknowledgment.

During the fiscal year of 2018 the following staff members were awarded “Employee of the Year”:

• Mr. Raghid Zeidan & Mr. Elie Feghali – Service Department
• Mr. Daniel Ishagian & Mr. Michel Baaklini – Parts Department
• Mr. Ifad Sara & Mr. Ali Banna – Body Shop
• Mr. Zeid Rizk – Pre-Delivery Inspection Department
• Mr. Maroun Abi Mansour – Accounting & Finance Department
• Mr. Bassem Younane – Sales Department
• Ms. Joyce Otaki – Administration

The above-listed staff members are all enthusiastic about their responsibilities and demonstrate exemplary service in their daily work and outstanding contribution to their departments. In addition, they are commended for having expert knowledge and experience within their individual fields. In all, between these staff members’ inter-personal and intra-personal skills, they stand as role models for others.

On behalf of the top management of BUMC – these aforementioned staff members are congratulated and thanked for their hard work, integrity, commitment, professionalism, and teamwork.

BUMC s.a.l., un précurseur en matière de véhicules non polluants
Maria Rita Boustany, directrice marketing et ressources humaines chez Boustany United Mach
Toyota Motor Corporation awards BUMC s.a.l. the 2018 Toyota Customer Service Excellence Award
BUMC Recognizes Top Employees During FY2018
Lexus and the city event
BUMC s.a.l., the exclusive distributor of L